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AvenueWest Dallas/Investor’s Realty   *   3409 Oak Grove Avenue, Suite 302, Dallas, 75204                                             P: 214.754.7171  F: 972.619.6036  E: Dallas@AvenueWest.com  W: http://Dallas.AvenueWest.com

Amy GuthriePaul Guthrie - Owner AvenueWest DallasOwners: Amy and Paul Guthrie

Guiding Principles: “We both follow the same approach in our day-to-day [lives]: we’re both self-starters, motivated and want the most out of life. That being said, we both ‘keep it simple.’ By keeping it simple, we can offer 110% of ourselves and take great care of our clients and business. We try never to take on more than we can handle so we don’t spread ourselves too thin.”

Why AvenueWest: “We love the boutique, privately-owned concept which gives us a market niche. AvenueWest has the processes and systems in place to make us a success and provide great customer service.”

When They Aren’t Working: “[We enjoy] traveling, cooking, and spending time with our new twin babies!”


Entrepreneurial-Spirited Couple Finds Passion in Managing Furnished [and Unfurnished] Rental Properties in the Heart of Dallas, Texas

Paul Guthrie is a long-time real estate agent and property manager in Dallas, Texas. Amy Guthrie is a former technology sales associate turned marketing and sales agent. Together the couple operate and own the Dallas franchise of AvenueWest Global Franchise, a global corporate housing agency.

As two entrepreneurial spirits, this hard-working husband and wife duo bring unique skills and energies to the “family” business. Amy describes Paul as the “nerve-center” of the business, as he runs the operations and brings the real estate expertise to the table. Paul describes Amy as the “creative one” who oversees the company’s marketing and sales.

The couple knew their existing six-year-old real estate business was poised for success, but the two desired a meaningful way to grow even more. Paul says he knew that adding “furnished housing” to his portfolio’s mix would help set him apart in a crowded real estate rental marketplace. He says he also knew it would increase his revenues and be a natural fit for his burgeoning business.

With growth dreams on their minds, the couple learned about AvenueWest Global Franchise in May 2011 and they knew it would be a perfect fit for helping them achieve their growth goals. They quickly decided and purchased the Dallas franchise in August 2011.

Paul says, “While my independent real estate business was doing okay, I knew it could do even better. I thought adding furnished housing to our property management company sounded like the perfect opportunity to give my business the competitive advantage it needed. I also knew it would help increase our revenue [through the addition of  another income stream] over time, which I knew was essential to growing my business.”

Since starting AvenueWest Dallas, Amy says their company has gotten a “leg up” in managing their approximately 130 unfurnished and nearly 20 furnished properties more strategically.

“Our only wish is we had more furnished properties in our portfolio. Demand is high,” says Paul.

Further, Amy says that AvenueWest Global Franchise has given their business the “tried and true” tools and foundation needed to operate more efficiently.

“Don’t get me wrong, running a property management company can be time-consuming, but with AvenueWest Global Franchise behind us, we are able to streamline many of our back-end processes so we can focus on our clients first and foremost,” says Amy.

The couple also agrees that managing a growing business can be challenging.

“Managing a slew of rental properties takes constant attention to detail and quick reactions. Oftentimes we find ourselves scrambling to fill vacancies or running amok managing client requests. It’s definitely more challenging managing furnished rentals vs. unfurnished rentals, but we know it will get easier with time.”

On a personal note, the Guthries have been married for six years and work where they “play.”

“We love the downtown Dallas area. By living here we’re able to share our passion for Dallas with others and truly help them find the rental properties they need. It’s true what they say, ‘If you love what you do and do what you love, then it’s not work.’ We couldn’t agree more,” says Amy.


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